Roleplay Directory

Name: Olivia Anderson

Verse: OC/Hollywood/Music

Length: Para or Multi-Para

Site/IM: Tumblr, Aim, & Sitemodel

Name: Scorpious Malfoy

Verse: Harry Potter

Length: Multi-Para or Novella

Site/IM: One World Roleplay


Hiddy ho, this is the RP Directory on tumblr. We don’t discriminate against roleplayers and will take any kind. I do have a few rules though.

  • Please only submit your own accounts.
  • When you submit put your verse, length, character name, and website/im that you use.
  • Don’t rag on RPers who may be in the directory.

When we have enough people in the directory I will post links on the side to help you find people easier. Categories will be verse, length, and website. We are always up for suggestions and please have fun and find new people.


The RP Directory